Who Is In Your Circle?

I’ve spent too much energy on my third circle—the most draining, discouraging, and soul-sucking of circles. It’s here that the naysayers dwell. The pessimists. The fearful. The broken who break others. Too often, I wrongly believe that if I try hard enough or say just the right thing, I can win the love and approval of those people. I fret, … [Read more...]

What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days

It's like slowly letting out the breath you didn't realize you were holding, stress dissipating like fog clearing. Or being wrapped snug in a favorite blanket and drinking a hot cup of tea. The words in Holley Gerth's new devotional are soothing. What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days is signature Holley: encouraging. She ushers in peace and … [Read more...]