If You Only Knew, Awareness, Hope, Healing is a series dedicated to bringing awareness to the issue of childhood sexual abuse, as well as providing hope and healing to survivors. It begins with my personal story.


How It Happened to me {My Story, Part 1}

How It Wounded Me {My Story, Part 2}

How He’s Healing Me {My Story, Part 3}

Why We Have to Talk About This {How to Make Your Children Safer}

On Handling Things “In House” {What to Do If You Discover Abuse}

My Message for Abuse Survivors {And the Myth of “It Could Have Been Worse”}

Seek, Ask, Step and Rest {For When You Need Direction}

What GRACE Says About Love

One Awesome Facebook Post

To Anyone Who’s Ever Been Abused

My Message for Abuse Survivors {And the Myth that “It Could Have Been Worse”}

One Way to Equip Our Children

On Handling Things “In House” {What To Do If You Discover Abuse}

Giving Your Child the Gift of Safety During the Holidays



It’s Time to Put Victims First

It’s Time to Put Victims First, Part 2 {All Sin Is Not Equal}

More of My Personal Freedom Journey

Letting Yourself Break


This series is ongoing. Healing is a lifelong journey, and as I learn more and heal more, I write more.


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