When Facebook Slapped Me in the Face

When Facebook Slapped Me in the Face

Facebook has this handy little feature in which it brings up “memories,” things you’ve posted on that particular day in previous years. It makes for some serious nostalgia, oohs and ahs over baby pictures, plenty of laughs, and occasional cringing. Ultimately, I’m a fan because these memories highlight how much I’ve changed.

Or maybe I should say they highlight how far I’ve come. What’s the saying? It goes something like, “I’m not where I want to be, but thank God I’m not where I was.”

A serious AMEN to that! It was using a personality assessment from Holley Gerth that I determined a strength of mine to be growth. That’s a good strength to possess when pursuing healing.

And, isn’t that a journey we all travel in some way throughout our lives?

Even though I write about it, journeying through healing is not unique to me. I’d venture to say we are all called to it in some way. Unless a grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies…

A recent Facebook memory slapped me right in the face with my healing journey from a year ago. Actually, for the past several months, Facebook has been reminding me what I’ve written about healing from abuse. I can’t help but compare where I am now and what is happening in the world, with where I was at the time I wrote. This particular post shined a bright light on the ways God moves that are so unlike the ways I expect.

Circles of Faith

There are days when I struggle to believe that God has big, beautiful plans for me, orchestrated in ways I cannot comprehend. But this post from Facebook memories? This one blew me away. The circumstances of my struggle may be different from yours, but some of the paths God took me on may be be just what you need to progress on your journey.

So, if you would, please hop over to my story at Circles of Faith, and read about one of the most powerful personal development experiences I’ve encountered.


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