Doing What I Can Do {A Story about My Son}

Doing What I Can Do {A Story about My Son}

My little guy wants to do what his big sisters do. He repeats their jokes and catch phrases, right down to their tone of voice. He watches to see what they pack in their book bags for school and imitates it. He knows the songs they like and belts them out at inopportune times. Yes, despite occasional squabbles, he adores them.

I send roller bottles of essential oils to school with the girls, and he sees that too. (Listen: it’s true what “they” say about girls and drama. Stress Away blend all around for my girls!)

At 5 years old, in kindergarten, sending a glass bottle in with him is not feasible. But, he often can benefit from the calming, focusing, and immune support that the oils offer. With all the little 5 year old hands, mouths, and noses in his classroom, I am all for doing what I can to keep his little immune system strong.

Thanks to my friend Karen, I found a simple solution: a diffuser bracelet. I applied some effective and pleasant-smelling essential oils to the chocolate-brown, braided leather bracelet, popped it on his wrist, and he was good to go. His skin soaked in oil, and his body heat diffused some throughout the day to help him stay well.

I like that this is a safe practice. It also doesn’t intrude on anyone. Many people, children and adults, get headaches or have allergies triggered by the synthetic chemicals in artificial fragrances. It feels good knowing that the pure, non-toxic oils on his bracelet won’t contribute to that. Now, if I could just get him to drink more water and put down the carbs!


You should know…

I am all about small, realistic changes. I see all the things I would love to do personally and for my family to lead a healthy life. Big changes are overwhelming. A bracelet with a few of drops of oil? I can do that. I can also add a few drops in my diffuser each day to keep nourishing our bodies. When I find that consistent use of my oils help to maintain balanced emotions? I will make the time and effort to use them.

And I’d love for you to experience that too. So, for the next 3 days–through Thursday the 29th–I will be giving a free diffuser bracelet to everyone who gets started with a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living Essential Oils through me. This kit already comes with a free bottle of Thieves Laundry Soap this month, woohoo! Here are the details:


Young Living


Why should I order this kit?

  • You want the support to experience vibrant health.
  • You’re getting 11 oils, a diffuser, some samples, and a no-strings-attached wholesale membership + Thieves Laundry Soap + a diffuser bracelet.
  • It’s easy! Remember, I need using this stuff to be easy, and it is! Even so, you are not all alone when you get started with me. My team has a host of resources and support materials for you. We take good care of you!
  • You are not only supporting your health. You’re supporting a small business and helping my family fund class trips, school clothes, and musical instruments. Things you can feel good about all around.
  • It’s an incredible value, almost 50% off what you’d spend retail, plus 2 great free gifts. (Price depends on which diffuser you choose–and you definitely want a diffuser!)


How do I order a kit?

Simply click this link to get set up and get your items on their way to you.


Here’s a 2-minute walk through of ordering. Also! If you hit any snags ordering, please let me know–I can help.


Have questions or want more information? Just leave me a comment below, or check out my Essential Oils page.

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