When Things Don’t Go As Planned


The peppermint brownies were baked, their aroma wafting through my kitchen. Lemon hummus and citrus water kept them company on the refreshment table.

My house was clean. Decluttered, vacuumed, and swept. A royal blue tablecloth decorated my dining room table, with an array of DIY supplies arranged on top: glass jars, Epsom salt, spray bottles, essential oils, measuring cups, funnels…

My children were occupied. I was ready. Soon, eager friends and acquaintances would file in to enjoy a couple of hours of fellowship and project time.

I invited several women. I had brainstormed a list, gathered my courage to contact them, and even touched base with them a day or two leading up. I was excited for this time and for the possibilities it held for advancing my natural wellness business.

Two friends showed up.


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