Curious Faith  {A Book Review}

Curious Faith {A Book Review}


It’s not uncommon for me to let out a deep breath as I exit the parking lot after preschool drop off. Though this marks the second year since we said good-bye to homeschooling, it’s the first year that there is a portion of the day when all four of my children are in school.

So, I breathe.

And bask in the peace and silence. The ability to have a complete thought. To have two in a row—without interruption. At times, the relief is so strong that actual tears well up in my eyes, and I can’t believe how free I feel.

Homeschooling served us well for several years and for multiple children. I’m confident that my oldest two daughters got a strong foundation. I was happy with our educational choices.

As two more babies came, my health declined, organization vanished, learning challenges intensified, costs soared, cooperation disintegrated, and peace evaporated, I berated myself for not getting it right. Surely I just needed more discipline, better preparation, a different curriculum, and maybe a nap.

I had planned to educate my kids at home through high school. My hopes and dreams for them were high. In my head, it all worked out nicely, and I clung to my ideal.

Despite the actual misery of it, I held on. Far from the “it’s hard but worth it,” we were approaching the limits of my physical, mental, and emotional stability. It took that much before I let go and made a change.

As Logan Wolfram puts in it her new book Curious Faith:


…But, man … God is so kind. Even when something we imagined would be good turns out to run us through the ringer, He still shows up. In His kindness, He doesn’t let us fall completely on our face. He can still give vision, and His purposes will still come to pass. It just may cost us more along the way than He had ever wanted us to have to pay.

Let’s be clear. Just because something is good, just because it is life-giving to others or even if it’s a wonderful ministry, that doesn’t mean it’s the BEST thing that God has for YOU. And, when we walk outside of God’s best, even good can actually end up feeling like settling.

It just may cost us more along the way than He ever wanted us to have to pay.

Maybe God never intended for me to have to wrestle through the crushing stress that homeschooling became. I chose that, and He was faithful to see me through my fear and stubbornness.

As I read the passage above in Logan’s book for the first time, I immediately thought of my homeschooling experience. Her words brought instant comfort.

As good an option as homeschooling can be for some, I realized it was no longer God’s best for me. He never intended me to live under the stress I chose during that time.

Talk about a new understanding of God. He who suffers most is not necessarily the holiest. Or even obedient.

Logan’s words in Curious Faith offer many moments for introspection and a challenge to live, view, and pursue God differently. As the title of her book states, a curious faith leads to the discovery of hope in a God of possibility—a God who cares intimately about all the messy twists and turns on our life’s journey.

It not only had me nodding my head and shouting, “Yes! I know exactly what you mean!” in the school pick up line, but Curious Faith also had me weeping through Logan’s wilderness stories. These are engaging words–go get them!

Curious Faith is available for pre-sale now, along with some exciting freebies until the book’s launch on March first.

Curious Faith

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I received a copy of Curious Faith in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I’ve been hearing about this book on social media, but this is the first actual review I’ve read. I love your perspective – and I’ve been there with you learning that hard lesson that sometimes God changes the dream, sometimes what God once led us to is the same thing He’s leading us from. You encourage me, friend!
    Kristin Hill Taylor recently posted..Rachel @ 5 months {and on not forgetting}My Profile

    • I was excited to read this book because I’ve always enjoyed Logan. I became familiar with her through her blog and then some talks at Allume. When she took over the conference, I was so delighted. I was not disappointed by her book. :)

      Kristin, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and your ongoing support of my on again, off again writing. XOXO
      Mandy recently posted..Curious Faith {A Book Review}My Profile

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