Wild in the Hollow {A Review + Giveaway}

Wild in the Hollow {A Review + Giveaway}


It is her story, but it it’s my story too. The details differ, but the themes are the same.

If you’ve ever longed for home.

Wrestled with desire.

Been broken and poured out.

Then this memoir is for you.

My copy arrived just in time for our family’s vacation, and I stole time every car ride and evening devouring its beauty.

Amber Haines’s poetry and honesty are captivating. In unfolding her story of brokenness, desire, healing, and redemption she answered questions I didn’t know I was asking about my own life.

Her humility is striking. Amber presents herself, with her strengths, weaknesses, sin, and victories just as they are. No pride, no pity, just an honest, humble look at what is.

Also striking is the way in which Amber relates to others in her varying seasons of life. She is clearly an individual who thrives on connecting, and her compassion, appreciation, and enjoyment of people is evident. Whether they are loved ones, those who’ve wounded her, or simply people she’s observed, Amber sees them as fellow broken and beautiful human beings, worthy of dignity. This is not something overtly preached throughout her book–it is evident in the way she writes.

Wild in the Hollow moved me deeply. Rather, it wrecked me in a beautifully challenging way. I am reading back through it and highlighting all the words that touched me.

There’s a lot of yellow, and it all points to finding the way home. It’s a journey that recognizes that hollow in each of us yearns to be filled with God, requiring the breaking and emptying of ourselves to actually be filled by Him.

Telling our tales of brokenness is key to healing and receiving God…arriving home.


We will be doing a book club study of Wild in the Hollow at God-sized Dreams with a post each Thursday, beginning today. Join us for the study by clicking here.

I have a copy of the book to give away to one lucky person. To enter the giveaway, just leave me a comment telling me what feels like “home” to you. (Giveaway is open to US residents.)

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I received a copy of Wild in the Hollow in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Home, to me, is being at peace with who I am, with who God is for me, no matter what’s going on all around me <3

  2. Ashley Fields says:

    Home. What a beautiful thought, place, dream. Home for me is watching the sunrise on a Saturday morning while perched on my bed, listening to God speak through the rays of sunshine, the rustle of the breeze in the trees, the beautiful song of the birds and the chatter of the squirrels. It’s laughing at the antics of my cat, Bella, as she pretends she’s a kitten all over again. It’s getting utterly lost in a good book in the rare moments when time and the ever present ‘to-do list’ are of no consequence. It’s hearing God speak and knowing, with more conviction than anything I’ve ever known, that I am truly, deeply, and completely loved. That is home for me.

  3. Home is being with my family, wherever they are, and enjoying our time together.

  4. Home is someplace quiet and peaceful, just me and my bible, journal, a good book.
    Home can also be wild and rowdy surrounded by family!! :)
    Julie Wilson recently posted..Five Minute Friday: FindMy Profile


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