What You Can Do About ISIS

What You Can Do About ISIS


UPDATE: Due to technical issues, the email from this post to subscribers went out late. Therefore, I am extending the fundraiser to honor all orders placed on Saturday, May 23 also.

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Earlier this week, a link to an intense article by Ann Voskamp came across my Facebook newsfeed.

I wept as I read it.

She describes the heartbreaking realities of 4 women whose families have been shattered by the terror wrought by ISIS in Iraq. Ann visited them, sitting on the floor of a shipping crate that is now the home of one of the women.

As she relates the grim reality of life in Iraq–massacre, families fleeing in the middle of the night, children left behind, little girls trafficked–the obvious question pounds away at me:

What can I DO?

Because I can–we can–do something.

There is a brave, bold organization called Preemptive Love stationed in Iraq. I had the opportunity to hear its founders speak at Allume last fall, and their words impacted me deeply. Preemptive Love is a small organization that began with a mission to provide affordable heart surgeries to Iraqi children. They have expanded to serve the needs of the Iraqi people during this time of terror.  That means:

  • Providing for immediate needs of food and shelter
  • Buying back trafficked girls
  • Educating displaced children
  • Getting grants for widows to start businesses to support their families, and more

Preemptive love goes where no one wants to go, risking what few dare to risk, to love those whom we all ought to love.

I believe in their work, so this is what I’m doing.

Today, May 22, all commissions from Young Living orders made through accounts set up through me will go to Preemptive Love.

How it works:

If you already have a Young Living account through me, simply login and place an order. Then, message me with the PV  total (It will be right next to the dollar amount total) so I can confirm the donation amount.

If you do not have an account, you can set one up by CLICKING HERE. I recommend setting up a wholesale account and ordering a Premium Starter Kit. Not only is that the best start for anyone getting started with essential oils, but $50 will go to Preemptive Love. Then, message me with the PV total on your order so I can confirm the donation amount.

For more details about essential oils and opening an account, CLICK HERE for my blog page on essential oils. You can also email me with questions {mandy (dot) mianecki (at) gmail.com} or comment below with them.

If you are on Facebook, you can also join my event page for further details, resources, and photos.


Thank you for making a difference!

For more information on Preemptive Love, visit their website.



  1. Marilyn says:

    Thank you for a very informative and well written artcle, Mandy. Blessings on your brave heart <3

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