Fallen {A Book Review}

This book is riveting. It left me shaking my head in amazement.

Annie Lobert’s memoir, Fallen: Out of the Sex Industry and into the Arms of the Savior, details highlights from her childhood, her descent into the sex industry, the unthinkable torture she endured while being trafficked, her escape, multiple brushes with death, and her miraculous conversion.

One one level, this memoir is clearly about the sex industry. It is gruesome and heart-breaking. Annie’s story certainly brings awareness to trafficking, a reality that is largely misunderstood.

On another level, this is a story of a woman broken by pain, abuse, and shaky family relationships in her childhood. The ways in which those experiences distorted Annie’s fundamental need and desire for love and acceptance, driving her to fill that need through money and control in the sex industry–that is partially what captivated me about this book. Her healing from the pain and abuse also drew me into her story.

The specifics of Annie’s experiences are unique to her, but who among us isn’t broken on some level? Who doesn’t long to be deeply loved? Who doesn’t love a redemption story?

How does Annie go from prostitution to madly in love with Jesus?

Read this book.

It is a glowing illustration of how deeply the Lord loves each us–wherever we are at in our lives, and the lengths He goes to pursue us. (<==Click to tweet.)

It is an amazing victory story of a woman whom God pulled from agony and destruction into a life of pulling others to freedom.


I received a copy of Fallen: Out of the Sex Industry and into the Arms of the Savior in return for an honest review. All views expressed here are my own.

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