To Anyone Who’s Ever Been Abused

To Anyone Who’s Ever Been Abused

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I’m writing at God-sized Dreams today, but I felt there needed to be a sort of companion piece here, a part one. Here goes:

To anyone who has ever experienced sexual abuse:

You’ve been on my heart a lot lately. My stomach’s been in knots for you.

Amidst the other depressing items in the news has been (surprisingly minimal) coverage of a beloved celebrity who may be a serial rapist. Shortly following that, news emerged about a celebrity admitting to molesting girls when he was in his early twenties.

With each report, nausea swept over me. Each time, the same thought rose to the surface.

Oh, no. Not him too…

It triggered all sorts of things for me: discouragement over these men falling into such brokenness, heartbreak over the road ahead for the women and children who were abused, anger over the ignorance of so many people in their responses to all aspects of the tragedy of sexual abuse…

And that’s when I thought of you. Was this causing you suffering too? Does it cause you to relive the pain you’ve experienced?

What would you say about it all if you know people would listen?

Because that’s really part of the problem—some people don’t, or won’t, listen. They think what they think, and no amount or reason or evidence will sway them.

But that doesn’t negate your experience, emotions, or opinions.

So, I’m listening. You’re not alone out there. When these issues rise up in the media, or in your own community or home…you’re not alone. Your experience matters. You matter.

What would you like to say?

With love,


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