At the Intersection of Freedom and Worship

At the Intersection of Freedom and Worship


My One Word for 2013 was Freedom. I naively thought it would be a one year journey.  By the end of the year, it was clear my education surrounding Freedom would be ongoing, but I still wanted a new word for 2014.

True to form, I wanted a meaningful, inspired word–not one I conjured up myself or hoped for. However, after embarking on a freedom journey, I was also aware of the weight one word could carry.

At first, I considered the word See and almost selected it.When January 2014 rolled without a decision from me, I determined that my word might change throughout the year and that I should just start somewhere.

I chose Worship. Despite my expectation that Worship would be only the first step on my journey of 2014, God had other plans.

Worship stuck around. My understanding of what is considered worship greatly expanded. In sum, God used 2014 to show me that the worship He desired from me was to become more of the person He made me to be. To love the person He created me to be. To live as the person He created me to be.

It was a year of change–intense, stretching, wonderful change. So much change that I’ve decided not to pick One Word for 2015.

I think this is the year I live at the intersection of Worship and Freedom. The more time I spend in His Presence, the more I become the person He made me to be, and the more free I become.

In that space, I retain a sense peace and calm. The less I put pressure on any given situation, the less I label things “urgent,” the more I stay in the space I want to be.

One thing that pulls me out of worship and freedom is allowing myself to get unnecessarily riled up by things with which I don’t really need to get involved.  As much as I value Facebook, it’s one area I need to be careful–so many headlines wanting to stir the pot. So many that aren’t my battle.

Too many headlines about how I should parent, what a good wife does, or the latest measure of holiness make me a distracted, emotional, insecure mess.

So, less of that.

And more of what He has.


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  1. marygemmill says:

    Mandy….may this decision see you having the most wonderful year ever….I fully believe that you will.
    Mary, New Zealand.

  2. Mandy! as you know, my word “beloved” turned out to be a multi-year journey too. love you’re at the intersection of worship & freedom — and just being present. and writing from there too. ;) feel sgood to be here at your place. #becomethebeloved #belovedbrews
    Bonnie Gray | Faith Barista recently posted..What Is Your One Word for 2015? Beloved Brews & An Exciting Giveaway (Letterpress Blocks)My Profile


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