What I’ve Been Reading Lately

What I’ve Been Reading Lately


I chose more reading than writing this summer. I completely ignored all sound advice, both about writing every day to stay fresh and to read a genre opposite that which I write.


I’m wrapping up the summer feeling uplifted, inspired, informed and challenged. To me, that’s more important than following all the “rules.”

So, here’s what I’ve been reading:

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Love Does, by Bob Goff

Simply put, I want to live this way. Each chapter of this book is a true story of an experience Bob Goff has had putting love into action. He says yes to adventure, to service, to laughter, and to the Lord. It’s a life philosophy of getting in the game, risking, being vulnerable, and going for it. Basically God-sized dreaming and then doing.

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Something Other Than God, by Jennifer Fulwiler

This book fascinated me. It reminded me that God knows us each so well, meets us where we’re at, and tailors His wooing to our needs. Definitely a can’t-put-it-down book, I was intent on learning how Jennifer would get from atheist to devout Catholic. Her intellectual approach was amazing. I sat shaking my head in awe, reading about she and her husband sitting at Mass with their computer printouts of the words of the early Church fathers–listening as Mass proceeded in the same fashion. This book also gave me a deeper appreciation for each person’s story and journey, knowing that, wherever we are, God constantly reaches for us to draw us to Himself.

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The Sinners Guide to Natural Family Planning, by Simcha Fisher

Natural Family Planning…it’s really a post in itself, at least. Maybe a series. Or a book, which I’m glad Simcha wrote and not me. I chuckled at her wit. I exhaled in relief to read what many must know but few are willing to discuss. NFP is a tough sell. Its benefits are hyped while the difficulties are glossed over. I read this book after struggling with NFP for a long while, and I finished the book with a shift in my spirit–a renewed conviction that this difficult path is worth it.

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Chasing God, by Angie Smith

This book pushed me. I appreciated that it prompted me to examine whether I was chasing what I thought I had to do to be a Christian or whether I was abiding in God’s presence. I also found myself evaluating Angie’s assertions of things she was sure of and things that were her personal opinions. It had me researching theology and thinking critically.

Atlas Girl: Finding Home in the Last Place I Thought to Look

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Atlas Girl, by Emily Wierenga

This is Emily’s memoir, and it is vulnerable, brave, inspiring and challenging. She relates her struggle with anorexia, her crisis of faith, and meaning of home and family. Because memoir is, in part, my writing genre, I was captivated by Emily’s style of conveying the struggles in her relationships and experiences. I ‘m excited to meet her when she speaks at Allume this fall.

And this.

I’m not so much reading this so as, well, referencing it. This stuff blows me away. I’m embarking on a new journey of health and wellness, and this is good stuff. More to come on that…

Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils

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What did you read this summer?


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  1. I have been reading more and writing less too! Thanks for sharing your list. I read Atlas Girl this summer and am just finishing up Finding Spiritual Whitespace. Challenging reads.
    I would love to hear more of your theological thoughts after reading “Chasing God”. That is one I would like to read!!
    Much love, Mandy. I don’t get to visit you as often as I would like, but know that I think the world of you. Wish I could hug you at Allume, but alas, it is not in the cards for me again this year.
    Becky Daye recently posted..MirrorMy Profile

    • Becky! So good to see your face and sweet words here. Thank you! I was wondering if I’d see you at Allume. I think the world of you, too. And yes, challenging reads! We will have to discuss “Chasing God.” XOXO
      Mandy recently posted..Can I Really Dream?My Profile

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