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One perk of immersion in the blogging community is being able to preview and promote phenomenal resources. I’ve been blessed to meet and interact with such gifted and giving individuals. They inspire me.

Carolyn Byers Ruch is one such individual.

As a child, she escaped sexual attack  by a hired worker on her family’s farm. She ran straight to her father to tell him.

Her father became a hero by protecting her. (<==Click to tweet.)

This experience drove Carolyn to become an advocate for the prevention of childhood sexual abuse. She founded the Rise and Shine Movement. For several years, Carolyn has reached out through personal speaking appearances, her website, and a video for parents and children to educate them about sexual abuse.

That video has now been published as a book, and I am pleased to recommend it.

What I love about this story is that the dad creates a relationship with his daughter in which she feels safe and cherished. She has confidence that her daddy will believe her and protect her–and he does. He listens and takes action too.

Carolyn presents a difficult topic in a non-threatening way that children can relate to. Talking about the issue of sexual abuse with anyone, let alone children, is uncomfortable at best. This book provides a way to approach the topic.

I encourage you to be a hero to the children in your life by being a safe place for them.

If you are a parent, this book will help you equip your children in the event that an individual initiates inappropriate contact with them. No one wants to think about a child being harmed by sexual abuse. But you are brave, and you love your children.

You can do this!


You can purchase Rise and Shine: A Tool for the Prevention of Childhood Sexual Abuse from Amazon by clicking here. (<==Click to tweet.)

Learn more about Carolyn and the Rise and Shine Movement, plus answers to FAQ and links to resources here.

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Do you have tips or questions about protecting children from abuse?


*I received a copy of Rise and Shine in exchange for promoting the book. All opinions expressed here are my own.


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  1. Thank you, Mandy, for partnering with us to protect kids. We are truly grateful.

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