Something’s Brewing

Something’s Brewing

Don’t you love confirmation that you’re on the right track?

That you’ve been hearing and assessing a situation correctly?

Ever feel like you have a sense of what God might be whispering to you, but you’d love to know for sure–or as sure as you can reasonably be?

I’ve been getting the same message over and over lately, and I’m near bursting to share it with you. I have a lot of processing to do, but let’s start with this:

Weeks ago, I submitted my monthly post to God-sized Dreams, and I wrote about healing and miracles. God had been planting the seed that He is big and mighty.

Since submitting that post, I picked up a book I received in my Allume goody bag back in October: God is Able, by Priscilla Shirer. She builds the entire book around these verses:



A. maz. ing. It’s a book every believer should read.

And then I tuned in to the livestream of the IF:Gathering and listened to Christine Caine speak.

Friends. Saying I am blown away doesn’t begin to touch it.

Through each of these circumstances, God has made it clear that He is big and mighty, capable of doing anything.

And it’s from that point that I direct you to the original blog post that set me on this journey. I’m posting it today, for the first time, at God-sized Dreams. I still have much to process and pray through so I can share more with you, but will you start here with me?

Please click here to read at God-sized Dreams.


For the podcast I reference at God-sized Dreams, click here:


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  1. Dreaming with you friend! God is so BIG. :)

  2. He is big indeed!! Loving that I get to walk this road with you!!
    Kristin Smith recently posted..Facing the GiantsMy Profile

  3. Marie Bride (Constance K.) says:

    Thank You Mandy.
    For the words of encouragement to believe in a God sized Dream!

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