My Voice?

My Voice?

Today, the Faith Jam community writes from the heart, not concerned so much about style, perfection, and popularity. Bonnie’s prompt for us:

Finding Your Voice


I gulped, tempted to panic for a split second.

I mean, wouldn’t you? If you took a look at an application and saw:


It wasn’t the URL part or even the blog post request that stopped me momentarily. It was the whole “voice” thing…

Your writing voice–as in the way in which your writing reflects who you are. Share that with us. We will be deciding this based on this.

I pushed aside all worries over whether my voice was well-developed and defined enough.

Whether I had such a blog post.

And mostly whether (or not) “they” would like my voice.

Because, honestly, God has been doing some beautiful stuff in my heart. He doesn’t make junk.

And if He wants me in this particular position, then He will put me there.

If He doesn’t put me there, then He has something even better coming. Or something to work in me through the applying for this position. Or other doors to open in the process of this application.

In any case, He is awfully big and powerful…so anything can happen, whether I’ve conceived of it or not.

And if He’s shown me anything lately, it’s that my worth is not determined by whether or not I get this writing gig.

I’m happy to use my voice to proclaim that.


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  1. {{{HUGS}}} & prayers <3

  2. I love your voice. Especially when it shows up on my Voxer. :) So proud of you, friend!
    Kristin Hill Taylor recently posted..Joy comes as Family Game NightsMy Profile

  3. Friend, I hear ya loud & clear! One thing we must remember is that our Voice is His & His alone to speak where & when He wants us to speak! I cling to that myself, because otherwise it’s too overwhelming to try & take in all the “what if’s”!!

    Praying God’s best for your life journey! Always blessed by your writings! ♥
    satin recently posted..Love is Your WarMy Profile

  4. Yours is a voice I love so much!! Always thankful for you words !xxoo
    Kimberly recently posted..2014My Profile

  5. Mandy, I hope you will fill out that application with a “heart undaunted.” I wish you the best. As you said, if you don’t get the writing jig, it doesn’t lessen your worth. :)
    Trudy recently posted..God Can Breathe Life Into Your VoiceMy Profile

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