Seek, Ask, Step, and Rest {For When You Need Direction}

Seek, Ask, Step, and Rest {For When You Need Direction}

Sometimes I need God to smack me over the head with His direction. I want His plan to be loud and clear.

But that’s not usually how He operates with me.

Usually, I get a sense that I should go a certain way, try an idea out.

It’s barely a whisper, a seed of an idea.

And it comes with a gentle peace.

It’s not a scientific process, and it’s not fail-proof.

It’s a sacred rhythm I’m beginning to recognize.

Last week, I was pulling out of a slump, a dark funk that held on for a few days.

On Monday, I laid out my feelings with my counselor. We mulled and probed concepts like forgiveness…and when it morphs into bitterness and resentment. We explored what it looks likes to draw boundaries, regardless of the waves they make.

On Tuesday, I hung out Google+-style with my God-sized Dream Team prayer warriors. When Christine asked how they could pray for me, I admitted that I didn’t know where my healing journey was going. Did God want me to focus on healing relationships? Did He have internal healing on the docket for now? Or was it something else entirely? I needed direction.

So Elizabeth stepped in and prayed aloud, humble and heartfelt.

Friends, when this team prays, things happen.

I brought in the mail later that day, and there was an envelope from my counselor…an uncommon occurrence. Inside was an article on core healing she had forgotten to give me the previous day. At the end, it suggested a workbook called Core Healing from Sexual Abuse: A Journey of Hope.

Enter the still, small voice…a whisper…a gentle peace.

Enter a chain of circumstances in which all the pieces fell into place. Not only is the book ordered, set to arrive today, but my seeking God’s direction, the intercession of others for it, and my stepping out in faith toward it ushered in a flow a grace.

I don’t know how all the blessings that have followed in recent days are related, except to acknowledge that God is a Father who delights in the smallest details of our lives. He knows us intimately and communicates in ways that resonate deeply and uniquely with each one of us.

Like kicking doors open so I can arrive at Allume a night early to help decorate and fellowship with my God-sized Dream sisters.

Like using my surrender of the idea of ever having  a smartphone to bring the gift of financing one to me unexpectedly.

Like the dinner at which two incredible families met in person–my soul friend’s with mine, as she passed just minutes by my home on her way to her daughter’s wedding locale.

Undeserved. Grace.

Blessings overflowing with details that bring me to the brink of tears because they strike places God knows are uniquely meaningful to me.

Maybe you’re craving direction in your life, whether in a particular situation or in general.

Maybe you’re on a journey of healing and wellness like me.

Can I encourage you in this?

Seek God’s path for you.

Ask others to pray with you.

Step out in faith when an opportunity arises.

Rest in the truth that God delights in you and is waiting to bless you.

How have you seen God at work in your life recently?

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  1. Ah, loved this my friend. Good thoughts, and I’m so grateful for your peace and grace.
    Stacey recently posted..Drawing close to the start lineMy Profile

  2. Such a great post Mandy…so glad God has been answering prayers for you! I am having an answered prayer day too! We have a play date today with some friends from our church. Even though we have been in our new community for a year…I have found friendship building hard. The last few months friendships have really started to bloom, and we have an invitation today to fellowship with other families! So lovely! Enjoy all of these personal and public fellowship times…the Lord is in our midst! :)
    Jennifer recently posted..When Expectations Become Grace GlimmersMy Profile

  3. Friend, so beautiful and true! I too feel God’s quiet nudgings more than a big lightning bolt, but isn’t it gorgeous how His plan and His blessings start to flow?
    I can’t tell you how much I’ve been blessed by our Tuesday prayers and how thrilled I am to think my prayer last week played any small part in all this!
    Elizabeth @seasonswithsoul recently posted..She Speaks 2013My Profile

  4. So happy to hear this update and i cannot wait to pray with you in person in October! Prayer is just so, so powerful. What a blessing to have such an amazing way to communicate with God…I continue to be shocked by the mountains He will move when His people ask. Sometimes I want to run down the aisle of the grocery store grabbing people and yelling, “Oh my goodness, God hears prayer!!! Seriously! Have you tried it??” but, well, I don’t want the police called when I have a cart full of frozen food.
    Christine Wright recently posted..I Am One of Them {So Are You} – Rebuilding the Walls SeriesMy Profile

    • Oh, Christine, I just love you:) And I love what you said in prayer today about the honor of coming before the throne of grace. That was simply beautiful. I know you have a big weekend, and I will be spending some time before that throne lifting you all up. I can’t wait to hear all about it! And then eagerly anticipate Allume!!!
      Mandy recently posted..Seek, Ask, Step, and Rest {For When You Need Direction}My Profile

  5. Love this, friend…thank you for sharing. (((hugs))) …and I seriously can’t wait for Allume…AAAHHHH! :)
    Mel recently posted..Behind the Scenes: Confessions of a Former Park Street GirlMy Profile

  6. Beautiful, not only the way you describe the still, small voice, but also the implications of prayer-this was so good.
    Thank you, Mandy, for continually opening your heart through your words.
    You are a blessing.
    Peace and good, sweet sister
    Chelle recently posted..Right now, there are no words…My Profile

  7. Mandy I love your heart and your words. I love how you describe how God is the details and his timing is PERFECT. I am so glad we get to pray together and stand before his throne. You are an amazing woman and I feel extremely blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for sharing your heart with us today.
    Delonna @ Clothed in Love recently posted..Forever ChangedMy Profile

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