What Do Dreams Look Like?

What Do Dreams Look Like?

You’re reading a God–Sized Dreams post. Each Tuesday, a team of God-sized dreamers writes on the progress of their dreams, spurred by the wisdom in Holley Gerth’s new book, You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream: Opening the Door to All God Has for You. For all my posts in this series, please click here.

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This week’s assignment: Share about your favorite nonprofit organization. They are all God-sized dream in action. How have they inspired you?


Fingertips bounce giant fuchsia and emerald beach balls above our heads. An over-sized slingshot propels T-shirts into the squealing mass of tweens. Sweet, innocent faces flash smiles, strutting all confident in hip, modest fashions onstage. Screens proclaim the Word boldly. Hearts and hands raise in worship. Labels gently peel away, replaced with Truth.

It’s true.

Secret Keeper Girl offers the most fun a mom and daughter will ever have connecting and talking about true beauty, modesty, and purity!

As a former tween girl (with baggage of my own) and mom to 2 tween girls + 1 six year-old who watches her sisters’ every move, I have a vested interest in these topics.


I can’t say it any better than Secret Keeper Girl founder, Dannah Gresh. In her words:
Wondering what a Secret Keeper Girl is? Well, she’s a lot of things! She’s a girl whose friendships are wise and full of kindness, she’s not boy-crazy, she keeps her beauty a secret by valuing modesty, she knows she can confide in her mom, and she embraces God’s definition of true beauty. Most importantly, she knows that SHE is a masterpiece created by God….you sweet girl, are a Secret Keeper Girl because you are a true masterpiece created by God’s own hand. Psalm 139 is your story!


I’ve been a bit unsettled recently about a current of commentary regarding purity–what it is, its importance, and how it should be taught. It’s prompted me to carefully examine my heart on the topic…and how I want to approach it with my girls.


With Secret Keeper Girl, Dannah Gresh emphasizes identity in Christ, being a daughter of the King.


I think this is fundamental in order to embrace God’s plan for anything else, including purity. It’s why any girl should value herself, her body, and His plan for both.


Secret Keeper Girl introduces these issues in a super fun way. (They call their events “pajama parties.”) They make resources available to continue the dialogue, education, and relationship between both mother and daughter and each with God. I love that the ministry has fiction and nonfiction for the girls and nonfiction for the moms. I can’t recommend Gresh’s Six Ways to Keep the “Little” in Your Girl highly enough. (And I’m not being paid to write that. I love it that much.)


When girls reach age 12, they are ready for the next step: Gresh’s Pure Freedom ministry for junior high and high school aged girls. Plus, Gresh has authored books on purity, intimacy, and sexuality for young adult and adult women.


Her work resonates with me, and I see God-sized dream all over it. She clearly has a vision, a passion, a calling, and a gift. In responding to God’s call for her, she’s reached hundreds of thousands. Inspired hundreds of thousands.


I’m so grateful she has.




*Note: I was hesitant about the term “secret” at first. Secret Keeper Girl explains that it refers to keeping the most secret parts of a girl’s beauty for just one man–not to encourage girls to be secretive.


For resources by Dannah Gresh and her ministries, please click here.

Photos by Kathy Medich. Thank you!

What’s your favorite nonprofit and why?


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  1. As the mama of a girl…even if she’s still just a toddler…I appreciate that you shared this. I feel that the topics of beauty, modesty, and purity are so important and want to approach them in the right way with her someday. This is really great…thank you for sharing, friend! I hope you are doing well…blessings and happy Tuesday! :)
    Mel recently posted..My God-Sized Dream: Another Dream?My Profile

    • Thanks, Mel. They start picking things up on these topics so young. I’m always excited to come across resources well before I need to apply them. Lil Mae is so blessed to have you!

  2. As a mom of a 20 year old daughter that has and is still struggling body image issuse (as I did growing up), I love the mission of the organization. It is so hard in the world today to have girls see the true beauty that God has placed in each of them. I think anything we can do to instill that thought is a good thing. Thanks for sharing. Have a great rest of the week.
    Amy P Boyd recently posted..I’M MOVING !!!!My Profile

    • Amy, I love hearing from mom of girls of all different ages. Thanks so much for chiming in on this one! It so true that this world attacks females in the areas of beauty and sexuality so hard.

  3. Oh Mandy – ILOVE this! I’m so glad you posted about this organization – I have been really mindful of this after our experience with Lillie’s ballet/tap class this year. I can’t wait to stay up with you at Allume and visit! Thanks for sharing your heart on this increasingly important issue.
    Gindi recently posted..Making the (Big Picture) Dream HappenMy Profile

    • Dance can be so tricky! We ‘ve been participating through our local parks and rec organization, and we are so blessed by our dance instructor. She is so good about costumes, though there’ve been a few that make me pause. Can’t wait for Allume and roomie fun!

  4. Love this, Mandy! Secret Keeper came out when my Sarah was a middle schooler, and it was something we referred to often throughout her teen years. What a great foundation to give young women!
    Susan Stilwell recently posted..Keeping The Fire BurningMy Profile

  5. What an awesome ministry!
    Melissa recently posted..Introducing my heroes {a God-sized Dreams post}My Profile

  6. I love Secret keeper Girls…I haven’t been to one of their events but I’ve used the devotional with my girl. Such a great resource!
    Lani recently posted..Two Worlds CollideMy Profile

  7. Wow! Love your heart. Thanks for writing about this. I think we are kindred spirits. So glad you mentioned the recent criticism about purity and modesty teachings. I wrote something about that at my website. Here’s the link: http://purefreedom.org/a-modest-proposal-to-my-critics/

    • Thanks for that link, Dannah, and for taking the time to read and leave a comment:) You are so kind, and I so love your heart as well. Kindreds it is! The Christian criticism of emphasizing purity really has stopped me in my tracks. With Elizabeth Smart’s comments about feeling like a chewed up piece of gum, there has been significant commentary about purity and virginity education being damaging. It has given me much think and pray about! I want to raise my girls well:) Blessings to you!
      Mandy recently posted..What Do Dreams Look Like?My Profile

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