The Poster Project

The Poster Project

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This week’s assignment:
Write a letter of encouragement to another dreamer in your life. Share your letter by including it in a post.

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My precious little dreamers,

It’s been a hard year of homeschooling, I know. Mama’s been tired. And your little brother, adorable as he is, has wreaked a bit of havoc in our home and routine.

I hesitate to admit how often I’ve second-guessed this homeschooling gig. Should we keep doing this? Is it best for you? What is my goal? What is most important, really?

That’s why we started the poster project. I wanted us to get back to basics…

That is:

Whose are you? Who did He create you to be? What might He have in store for you, and how can we figure that out?

As I write this, it is the feast day of St. Catherine of Siena–one of your patron saints, Clare Catherine. She said something pretty cool:

Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire.

This is our ongoing project, both for our posters and for the whole of our lives.

I asked you to include 3 things on your poster: your name, a picture of you, and things you love or are good at.

On this project, I became a “yes” mom. No holding back, kiddos. We want to get to know you. So, when you wanted to print 2 photos instead of one, Anna…Yes!

When you cracked open the nail polish to apply it to the board…I stifled my initial gasp and objection and went instead with…yes!

When you put “school” in that circle and sliced through it with a line, oh sweet girl…ouch. But, yes, I know.

When you glued on a crocheted sample, my heart began to sing. Your creativity is delightful! Look at that fringe.

I think you could create a thing of beauty from any collection of ephemera I give you, though this masterpiece in the making is completely your own.

You are equal parts artistic and practical.

I can’t wait to see your Creator has in store for you.

You make me tear up, Clare Bear.

Your poster is eclectic, exactly like you.

I gave you no direction on the kinds of things to include…and you drew a cross.

You included power, heart words like love, joy, peace, and hope.

But this is what did it, Love–this is what caused me to well up:

I like to read.

You will not appreciate that you wrote it, or how it evokes such emotion in me, until well into the future..maybe not until you’re a mama yourself.

There was a time when those words coming from you were an impossibility–I like to read.

I ached and sorrowed and fretted over this.

Now, we see God’s faithfulness in your story. And we are ever grateful for the grace He’s ushered into it.

You will surely touch many lives, no matter how your tender heart carries God’s love into the world.

“Can I draw on my board, Mom?” You asked me over and over. Every day, Gracie.

Yes! Yes, of course. Go to town, my girlie.

I told you to put what you love on it, and the first thing you did was list the name of each person in our family.

Precious girl. And the hearts and the butterflies and the peace…

The birdies were from my art magazine, not from one of the “allowed to cut up” magazines…I almost rushed to stop you.

But, I’m a “yes” mom on this one…the birdies meant something to you, so on they went.

You drew a Detroit Tigers T-shirt–Daddy will be proud.

And that’s the thing, Grace.

You love your people something fierce.

Oh, the souls you will bless.

Sweet Anthony, there is a reason each of your sisters felt it necessary to draw a monkey on your poster.

That pretty much sums you up right now.

Curious George is your model, though I think he cleans up some of his own messes.

You even like bananas. They’re the only fruit you’ll eat.

Apparently you also like to stomp and “funny roar.”

Your additions are clear on the board as well.

You like to join in on whatever your sisters are doing.

You often snuggle their baby dolls…before chucking them across the room.

What is in store for you, Beanie?

You explore, experiment, probe–all very, very good things to share with this needy, broken world.


Kiddos, one of my new favorite people said it great:

Dear young people do not bury your talents, the gifts that God has given you! Do not be afraid to dream of great things!

–Tweet by Pope Francis

Where does a dream start? My friend Holley points out that it is in discovering who God created each of us to be. He’s planted the seeds in you, sweet babes. I know I don’t always appreciate them as I should.

But the truth is…you are all amazing and uniquely gifted.

I know you’ve got big things coming.

Love you oodles!



What would you say to another dreamer? Do you see seeds of dreams in your children?

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  1. I love this! I’m still debating who to write my letter to, but I love how you wrote to your kids. They are blessed to have a momma like you.
    Kristin Taylor recently posted..Without rest, I get stuck.My Profile

  2. What a great project! I know the EXACT feelings you are feeling regarding your Clare and reading. We had a similar experience last week. When you see your kids succeed so well at something they struggled with so fiercely?? Is there any better feeling? I love they way each child’s personality reflects so well through their posters :-) Yes Mom rocks!!! xoxo

  3. What a beautiful dialog to you children! I know when they are older, especially, they will treasure this. Stopping by from Holley’s place, to say “Hello!”

  4. This melted me…seeing the love you have for your kiddos in the form of poster boards and messes and saying yes. (Something I need to work on!) Everything about this just made me smile. Thank you, friend! Wishing you a beautiful day with your wonderful kids! :)
    Mel recently posted..My God-Sized Dream: A Letter to My SisterMy Profile

  5. Beautiful, Mandy. And blessings to you as you do the hard work of raising your little ones. They’re blessed to have a dedicated mama who wants them to dream big dreams for themselves!
    Susan Stilwell recently posted..Pondering The Boston Marathon TragedyMy Profile

  6. Oh my heart….I can hardly stand it.
    I think we mamas should do a poster, too…;)
    Nikki recently posted..The One Question You Need to Answer {When Trials Come}My Profile

  7. Mandy: I so love that you wrote a dreamer letter to your kids and that you let them “go for it” with this project. You sound like me. I too have older girls (but just two) who are constantly having to deal with a loud, crazy demanding three year old brother (we like to call him “Little Dictator”). I need to thank them more often for their patience with him and how much he demands of all of us.
    Elizabeth @seasonswithsoul recently posted..{God-sized Dreaming} A Letter of EncouragementMy Profile

  8. If this is you tired, girl, you have amazing strength. Thankful I stopped by to see your heart carry on even in fatigue and bless your “people”
    Nasreen Fynewever recently posted..Nebraska rippled some Bangladeshi courage (#jtreat)My Profile

    • Nasreen, I don’t think you know how your words have encouraged me. Your comment has spoken truth into a place where a lie threatens me often. Thanks so much for blessing me!
      Mandy recently posted..The Poster ProjectMy Profile

  9. I, too, love that you wrote your letter to your kids. The world doesn’t normally do much to encourage our young ones so they always need to know that we believe in them. Thanks for sharing.

  10. It so easy for me to forget to encourage when I usually feel the frustration of things that go wrong…and being at home, schooling 4 kids, a lot goes wrong! So, thank you for these words, Amy. They remind and encourage me to keep my focus where it needs to be!
    Mandy recently posted..The Poster ProjectMy Profile

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