It’s Time

It’s Time

Nikki gave me an assignment.

And I’ve learned this: she leans in close to hear the whispers of the Holy Spirit.  So, when she said that she felt prompted…I listened.

She graciously offered a phone call when I floundered on my dream journey. I was overwhelmed and wrestling, searching for my next step.

And she listened, patiently. Took in my unedited ramblings…Asked questions on topics no one really wants to hear about, ever. Offered to let me unleash my whole story on her, should I ever need to.

She confirmed the direction I was hoping to take. Then, she gave me homework:

Write what Jesus would say about you. If He was telling someone about you, what would He say?

How does Jesus see you?

And Nikki’s done it, you see–written what Jesus thinks of her. So, she knows what it entails. And she’s warned me: it’s hard.

When she suggested this exercise, I had that feeling…that instant “yes-I-need-to-do-that” feeling.

Not that I had any idea what Jesus would say about me…So, I shelved it, tucked it away until it was time.

* * *

Last week, Holley asked us dreamers to write about what we would say “no” to so we could give a wholehearted “yes.” This is what she’s asking us to address this week:

The most dangerous word for a God-sized dream is “someday.” How can you start implementing your God-sized dream {even in a small way} right where you are? You’ve just opened up some space in your life and you’ll need a proactive plan or that space will get claimed by something other than your God-sized dream–guaranteed. Write a post about what you can stop delaying and start doing then link it up here next week.

Hmmm. What am I delaying? I couldn’t think of anything, at first. I ticked off all the ways I jumped into my dream way too quickly–taking leaps instead of manageable baby steps. Is there something, anything, that I’m putting off?

Um, only Jesus.

Right. So, it’s time. I’ve been reading, meditating, studying how God loves, how I am His beloved. This is a good next step.


What does Jesus think of me?

In my head, intellectually, I know what He thinks of all of us.

I can tell you what the Bible says about God’s chosen people.

I could make a pretty word collage about all that.

But me? What Jesus thinks about me?

Huh. Good question.

I’ve started. I’ve been asking Him. I’ve scratched some words down.

I’m working on it. Tentatively.

If I can work up some courage,and perseverance,  I’ll share it with you on Thursday, when Faith Barista Bonnie Gray’s writing prompt is:


Let’s chat! Would you be interested in reading what I think Jesus might say about me? What are you putting off that you can begin tackling? 

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  1. What an awesome journey! I am not sure I could do that, like you I know what it says about all of us, but about me I am just not so certain. I have analized words like beloved and grow excited to think I could be “beloved”. I would love to read what you are having revealed to you.
    Maggie recently posted..SkimmingMy Profile

    • Thank you, Maggie! Oh, girl, you ARE his beloved! You are so, so loved and precious to Him! I pray He keeps revealing it to you.

  2. Sister, I can’t even tell you how much it blesses me to be on this dreaming journey with you. To share this. I know that this is hard. Sometimes excruciating. But I also know that He is all over this. In it as we struggle to grab hold of it all. To hold tight to Him. Today I am lifting you up to Him. Asking Him to speak to your heart all of the beautiful things He is thinking of you. Asking Him to open your heart to all of it. Asking Him to show you how He sees you sweet friend. Love you much.
    Wendy recently posted..Letting Go and Reaching OutMy Profile

    • Oh, Wendy, I am so encouraged by your words! Thank you, my friend. Your prayers and support touch me deeply. Love you much back:)

  3. I’m just so very proud of you, friend. For pursuing Him like He pursues you. So proud!

    I’m fully convinced if we stare at His face long enough, we’ll see our reflection.

    Praying for you as you squint. gaze. ponder. wonder. ask the hard questions that help you see more clearly. It’s a rocky road, friend, but He’s proven it’s well worth it. {HUGS}

    Yes, I’d love to hear what Jesus would say of my dear friend Mandy! I know it would bless me;)
    Nikki recently posted..It’s the Little Things {The Biggest Role There Is}My Profile

    • I will so take all those prayers:) Thank you Nikki, for the prayers, encouragement, support, and love. I am working on keeping that gaze. Thanks for teaching me how…Love you.

  4. Wow…what a thought provoking question…now I’m thinking about it, too! When you’re ready to share, I’d love to read your thoughts! Blessings, friend, as you process!
    Mel recently posted..My God-Sized Dream: MendingMy Profile

  5. Great post Mandy! Looking forward to reading what Jesus thinks of you.
    Paula McLane Jennings recently posted..GOD-SIZED DREAMINGMy Profile

  6. Wow, this is a POWERFUL assignment, friend! Looking forward to hearing more…
    Holley Gerth recently posted..A Journey With My God-sized DreamsMy Profile

    • Right?! And here I announced that I will post my assignment, yikes! Thanks, Holley. Pray that I hear Him and have the courage to follow through?

  7. Wow and my, oh, my… I’m so excited for you and this journey!! I’m thrilled to have a ringside seat to watch it unfold:)
    Stefanie Brown recently posted..God-Sized Dreams :: No More Delay…My Profile

  8. I am not sure I have ever really explored what Jesus thinks about me specifically. I have read and studied His word more and more deeply the last 3 years and I know the general feelings that he has towards us all but not me directly. Yet Jer 29:11 He tells me that He has plans for me. Yes me, as if I am the only one. Thank you so much for sharing this and thank your friend Nikki for the assignment.
    Amy P Boyd recently posted..Taking One Step at a Time {God-Sized Dream}My Profile

    • I had never thought of it before this either. Like you, I read each Scripture as though it is written for me personally. I pray He reveals amazing truth and love to you, Amy! I’d love to know what you discover. Thank you for stopping by!

  9. Mandy: You are courageous! Taking baby steps — that’s all any of us can do. Asking the hard questions and being still until you are ready. Isn’t that the hardest thing? What would Jesus say about Mandy or me or you? That’s a hard evaluation because do we ever see with clear eyes who we really are? Can we take off “those glasses” or remove the filter long enough to see truth about us? Good, bad, and in between? I’m going to ponder that question myself. But honestly, it scares me.

    Christy @ A Heartening Life
    Christy recently posted..When Fig Leaves Are Too Small for the ShameMy Profile

    • Thank you, Christy! I agree: it’s the baby steps, the asking of hard questions, and the being still that are all so important. When I first thought about what Jesus might say about me, I thought of so many of my shortcomings. That is what I certainly think of most about myself. But how quickly I forget that Jesus doesn’t think like me! He does not define me by my failings and weaknesses. He defines me as His beloved…not condemning my failings, but inviting me to something better:) You are an amazing woman, Christy! Such a blessing to me. It’s hard to receive positive big truths about ourselves when our pasts have caused big wounds to self worth. He has incredible things to tell you–I’m praying that you are embraced by His incomprehensible love!


  1. [...] On Tuesday, I came clean about what I was putting off.Nikki suggested that I write down what Jesus would say about me, and I was convicted to do it.I have a list of reasons not to share it that would rival my 1000 gifts.I’m going to share it anyway. Because, perhaps, in reading it, you may be prompted to ponder what He would say about you.* * *My daughter, Mandy, she’s growing into her name. It means “worthy of love.” And, oh, how she is! I love her beyond compare.She is my gentle one, my tender-hearted, my one who sees and loves deeply. [...]

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