I Believe He Will Do It

I Believe He Will Do It










*On Thursdays at Faith Barista, Bonnie Gray serves up a writing prompt and invites bloggers to join her in writing on a specific topic. Today’s prompt is simply: TRUST.*

*This post is also a continuation of my blogging through my God-sized dream. For previous posts in the dream series, please click here.*

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I write my posts in my head.

Once I know the topic, and an angle grabs my attention, most of the work is done before I log in.

With a post due on Tuesday morning, my thoughts were in overdrive as I prepared to write about fear. Simultaneously, I pondered whether or not to participate in Bonnie Gray’s Thursday writing prompt on trust. (Not an emotionally charged word at all…)

As my chronology of thoughts on fear progressed, I stopped hard at this idea, the one with which I would end Tuesday’s post:

If the Lord places a dream on my heart, then I determine to trust Him with it. He will be my strength, my shield, my helper. And I trust Him to use His body to carry this out.

I have often misconstrued trusting God as a sort of mega-willpower to surrender and eschew anxiety. But He’s been teaching me to do it in His strength and not my own. And that He gave us His body for a reason. He didn’t intend for us to do this life alone.

Trusting Him is believing that He will give me the grace and resources I need. He will reach out with His love through others.

I paused to check my evidence on this.

And I was humbled. Awed at the love He wraps around my heart through the women in my life.

Which prompted me to ponder and pray over my friendships. To gather some courage to pose a question among my dreamer friends about the nature of friendships, support, and disappointment–what’s good, what’s great, and what’s best. What should you expect, and what’s settling?

Who is Jesus to me, and who, well, isn’t?

And then there is Delonna.

A month ago, Delonna asked for help with her dream.

All I had to do was provide her with photos, color suggestions, and ideas of my loved ones’ favorite things, plus feedback.

And she would send me a quilt.

I think I got the winning end of that deal.

Wanting to respond in a timely manner, I quickly debated over which photos to send her. Should this be an item I end up keeping or giving as a gift?

With some guilt, I settled on keeping it and sending her photos of some of my favorite people, the ones who touch me way deep down. The ones who get me. The ones who are Jesus to me.

And the ones of whom I have a photo. (Seriously, girls, if your face is not in this post, we need a photo shoot!)

Would you believe that the quilt arrived in the mail yesterday?

Yesterday: the day I seriously evaluated my friendships.

Yesterday: the day I asked for input on friendships.

Yesterday: the day that the smiling faces of my loves arrived at my home.

So, do I trust Him?

Yes. Yes, I do.

And you? How do you define trust? What helps you to trust? Let’s chat!

*I would love for you to check out what Delonna is doing! She is setting up an Etsy shop to fund Clothed in Love, her ministry that aids orphans. To visit her blog, please click here.


  1. Awwww thank you Mandy for the shout out – even if the quilt is not perfect. I truly appreciate you being willing to let me test out some of my pattern ideas out. One of the fun things about making your quilt was looking at all those smiling faces. Girl you are LOVED by some amazing women. You can see Jesus in their faces.
    Delonna @ Chick Flick Diva recently posted..Stepping OutMy Profile

    • Oh, it was least I could do, girl! You touched my heart so deeply. And not perfect makes it special, handmade, a piece of you:) Excellence doesn’t have to equal perfection, my friend. I love the gifts God has given to you and the ways He is working through you! So, thank you for blessing me.

  2. I love when God reminds us that He is always on time.

    The quilt is beautiful.
    Tracie recently posted..That Is Not How Goodreads WorksMy Profile

  3. Beautiful post this morning – it truly touched my heart. Thank you for your words! I’m visiting from Faith Barista :)
    Shannon-Vintage Housewife recently posted..Thankful on Thursday & A RecipeMy Profile

  4. I love how God speaks to us through others! What a delightful idea to have your friends on a quilt, to wrap you in their love when they aren’t there.

    The word “trust” resonates so deeply with me and scares me just as deeply, too. To trust and truly walk in faith shouldn’t be scary—where is the full measure of trust if I am afraid? However, having taken a major leap of faith and trust in my recent life, I have to say I am still shocked that I did it. Thrilled, glad I did, it was the right thing, and God did provide, but, wow, I am surprised I took that step.

    Glad you are moving forward in your trust as well!
    Kim recently posted..Moving from Scaredy Cat to Too Darn HappyMy Profile

    • Way to go, Kim! See how awesome you are? Trust is hard, and the enemy is an expert at attacking us with fear–so give yourself grace when tackling it:)

  5. Oh God is so good…and creative!
    thank you, Delonna, for letting your handiwork be used by Him!
    and Mandy—oh how He pursues you! [HUGS]
    Nikki recently posted..Love Never Stops Believing {The Greatest Motivator}My Profile

    • Amen, sister:) Yep, soooo good, like prompting you to remind me to be aware of His pursuit! Isn’t Delonna awesome, too? I’m so blessed. Um, so there is no picture of us. How are we going to remedy that?

  6. I needed to read this today. I struggle so much with trusting His Body. I’ve been wounded and nearly burned at the stake by the Church. How do I get back to a place of trust? Only with His help. My verse to lean on is Mark 9:24: “Lord, I believe. Help thou my unbelief.”
    Genevieve @ Turquoise Gates recently posted..Trust at the hitching postMy Profile

    • A fabulous verse, Genevieve. Thank you! Trust is so, so hard. There is much that can damage our ability to do so. I have been burned by the body, too, and it has been a long road back, but God continues to redeem my experience. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here!

  7. Don’t you love how perfectly God times everything? You put a smile on my face today! Thank you for sharing! (And WOW Delonna…you rock!!). : )

  8. Yes, our God is amazing! He just knows exactly what we need when we need it. And I love how He uses wonderful people in our lives, like Delonna, to express His love for us.
    Elise Daly Parker recently posted..Have You Ever Had a Dream Turn Into a Nightmare?My Profile

    • He is pretty amazing, isn’t He? I must remember this when I don’t understand His timing or I’m growing weary of waiting. My friend Nikki likes to remind me to be on the lookout for how He is pursuing me:) Thanks for stopping by, Elise!

  9. Delightful post! Trust for me is letting go and letting God. Big challenge…..but I am never alone in the process…
    Renee recently posted..God Knows What He Is DoingMy Profile

  10. Mandy, how is it God speaks to me through your words so often? I have been living in so much fear of pursuing my dream for years and years. I’m using so much less than my full talent, because I’m afraid if I put my full self out there I will fail.
    “Trusting Him is believing that He will give me the grace and resources I need. He will reach out with His love through others.” <– This is so true and so much what I needed to hear.
    I pray that God will continue to cover you in grace and provide the resources for your dream. I'm glad to have come across your blog through the Faith Jam several weeks ago.
    Delona – Keep using your talent and following your dream!!!
    Kim recently posted..Why I Have More in Common with Jonah Than I ThoughtMy Profile

    • Oh, Kim, I love it! I’m praising God for the wonderful ways in which He works! What if the only failure is in not trying? What if the journey of the dream is what He wants for you, whatever the end result is? Oh, go for it, girl! If He gave it to you, then He is all for you. I’m praying for you. Know that we need what you have to offer–the way you reflect Him that no one else does. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Please come back and tell me! Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and sharing your thoughts:)

  11. Mandy, while I await upon my miracle, I am awed by the preciousness of your miracle! thank you for including my picture w/u in this quilt! And Delonna, the work of your hands, beyond perfect!!!

  12. I have come along way in my trusting with God. It’s been a long, hard journey, but as we continue to be stripped bare, we lean in closer and trust even more. Oh that quilt is beautiful!
    Barbie recently posted..Souls Laid Bare {Five Minute Friday}My Profile

  13. Beautiful, beautiful post and what a wonderful gift in that quilt…built on friendships with sisters in Christ! Such a blessing, to you, for you, from you. I have read this through a few times and each time it speaks to me in a different way. Thank you for your gifts, here in this online space. :) Trust and friendship are both on my heart.
    Heather recently posted..When Your Compass Just SpinsMy Profile

    • Such kind words, Heather. Thank you! I truly am in awe of the quilt and the God-timing of it. I am so blessed by the light and love of Christ you share with me. Thank you, my friend. I appreciate your cheerleading of me here, too. I am praying the Jesus will whisper encouraging words to your heart on trust and friendship. Love you!

  14. This int’hgsis just the way to kick life into this debate.

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