God-Sized Dreams
I didn’t like The Shack.

You know the Christian sensation, the must-read by Wm. Paul Young?

I appreciated aspects of it.

And how it might resonate with readers.

But it didn’t with me.

And it took awhile before I stopped asking, “What is wrong with me that I don’t like this popular book?”

I have the opposite problem when reading nonfiction.

It took awhile before I realized that a person’s words being in print doesn’t make them infallible.

Different styles, different tastes, different needs, different spirits.

Not everything is going to resonate with me, and that’s OK.

A book that made a huge impact on me: You’re Already Amazing, by Holley Gerth

A series of God-incidences brought a new book into my home.

And a series of God-incidences has prompted me to read it as the next step in pursuing my God-sized dream.

God-sized dreams aren’t really about size at all–they’re about embracing and pursuing the desires God has placed within your heart that perfectly fit who you are. God-sized dreams are part of your purpose and they lead to more joy, meaning, and hope in your life. –Holley Gerth

I dream of living free from the hold that the effects that childhood sexual abuse has on me.

I want to understand this in the light of faith, so I have begun reading a book written about it in the light of faith.

A new, gift of a friend, Tammy from Raggle-Taggle, and a prayer partner/soul-friend, Tobi from Favored One, are reading it with me.

Several wonderful people are praying for us as we read.

I’m not ready to reveal the title of the book because, though it comes highly recommended, I have this history with popular books….

I’ve read the forward, prologue, preface, and part of the first chapter, and I’m already questioning the author’s premise and style, and their compatibility with my spirit….

But, I’m going to keep going and keep an open mind. After all, I struggled through the first chapter of Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts, and it ended up changing my life.

And there may be a chapter or idea or sentence that makes a difference for me.

Or not. But, at this point, I’m still willing to give it a shot.

Would you pray for me?

That I can discern what to hold onto and what to let go, without judgment of myself or the author?

That my heart is protected?

That the enemy stays far away from this process?

That I rest in the Lord’s loving care rather than holding hands with fear?

For my reading partners?

Thank you!

Are you pursuing a God-sized dream? How can I support you in it? This, and every Tuesday, I will be linking to Holley Gerth’s blog to support her and the other God-sized dreamers. You will find links to their stories there. Join us?

Click to join us at Holley’s place.


  1. I am partnering with you in prayer! Believing freedom for you! How brave you are to share this journey with others. I’m proud of you for that. You are wise, the whole book might not speak to you, but yes, just one chapter, one sentence, or one idea might become a huge part of journey towards freedom! I know that’s been true on my own journey. Keep walking…God will bring you to a place called Freedom! I just know it!

    • Cathy, your words and your prayer mean so much! Thank you. There is nothing like the holy confidence of other sisters in Christ to speak words of truth and love like this. You have really encouraged me.

  2. Love you Mandy!! You are drenched in my prayers! Your courageous and precious!! So proud of you girl!!!

    • You’re blessing my socks off, Katie! I will take every one of those prayers and encouragements. Thank you for battling and journeying with me. I love you back!

  3. I’m praying for you, Mandy! I’m praying that you are able to get the best out of the partnerships you have forged and that they bless you as much or more than the book you are reading together.
    Carlie V recently posted..Baby-Steps and The Best Path to the CouchMy Profile

    • What a fabulous prayer, Carlie! Thank you. I am so thrilled to be partnering in prayer with you too as we dream-journey together.

  4. I much prefer non fiction over fiction. Maybe I’m not the only one huh?
    Alyssa recently posted..My God Sized DreamMy Profile

  5. Wise. That is a great word to describe you. And Brave. That too. It takes courage and wisdom to walk this path toward freedom when you don’t really understand where that path will wind and wander. Praying that the process of praying with others throughout the pages of the book will most definitely bring you to Freedom. I have confidence in your fidelity to our Lord and His faithfulness to you His daughter that you will come out the other end a changed beautiful butterfly ready to fly in freedom.

    • Oh, my goodness, Heather. I don’t feel wise and brave. I feel like I can’t live without freedom anymore. I feel like I hope I am hearing Him accurately enough:) But, thank you so. very. much. for speaking words of truth and life to encourage me. I treasure your prayers and your friendship, my dear friend.

  6. Dear, brave, friend. I believe God can speak to your heart wherever you are and in whatever you are reading. I would expect the enemy to be at your feet trying desperately to keep you away from Truth. Whether through this book or through a friend, an acquaintance, a blog post you happen upon, God will show you what you need to know and will be beside you all the way. Even one thought, word, or sentence, when it speaks to your heart, can change something deep within and bring freedom. Press on. You are surrounded, not by the enemy, but by God and the prayers of His people.
    Christy recently posted..(in)RL 2013 conference: Exploring the Importance of Community Pt2My Profile

    • Oh, Christy…I don’t think you know how much these words mean to me. Truly, they go right to my “wounded heart” and redirect me to my Focus. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the ways in which you bless me!

  7. I am loving all the dreaming, Mandy. So refreshing and excited to “have permission” (like we need it?) to dream big. I’m praying and working and watching and journalling. Can’t wait to watch Him move in the lives of His girls!
    Susan Stilwell recently posted..A Monday Pause ~ SoulMy Profile

  8. I’m honored to pray for you, friend…but you know that already.

    Father, I can hardly stand it…knowing You have such big things for Mandy on the horizon! I love watching You work through her! To You be all glory.
    Lord, what a joy it is to see her taking steps towards healing. And whether it be with the book, with friends acquired through it, during her time with You because of it…no matter how it comes, Father, may You show Mandy what You see when You look at her. Beautiful, captivating, radiant Mandy….Keep cupping her face, Lord, so she can’t look away. Keep the salve of Your love coming…to You be all glory and honor….
    Nikki recently posted..He Knows Me {And My Prayer for Today}My Profile

    • Oh, Nikki. You don’t even know…Can I just copy and paste these words and use them as my next post? You will surely see why. I would call you sweet friend…but that is not accurate enough. You are a glorious masterpiece of His, and you r.a.d.i.a.t.e. Him to me. Tears…

  9. Thank you for your transparency and being so brave as you share your journey with all of us. I know God is going to use you in amazing ways. Praying for you…blessings!
    Mel recently posted..My God-Sized Dream: Finding BalanceMy Profile

  10. I am also reading in Ann Voskamps book. Its a blessing for me!
    jedidja recently posted..De droom die ik nooit vergeten ben.My Profile

  11. Ruth Chidley says:

    Dear Mandy, I don’t know that I can add anymore to the wonderful insight that others have already shared with you except to say, we know when “two or three are gathered in His name, he is in the the midst of them”. I want you to know that God and I are there along with many others, to gather around you in prayer as you (and I) seek more of God’s direction and wisdom in our lives. You are precious to me my friend.

  12. Praying for you Dreamer! :)
    Jen D recently posted..Small Yet Big Steps to My God-size DreamMy Profile

  13. Mandy, I just wandered over here from the Faith Jam. I can’t tell you how much God has used this one link up to lead me to women who are helping me acknowledge parts of myself and my own faith walk. I was also abused, then went through years of illness. God has seen me through in ways I can’t even describe. I thought I was all healed, but this year He’s asking me to be brave and to move further ahead into freedom, and as you know – that’s scary! I never knew how scared to death I a am, but these words of yours in a comment are ringing in my ears: “I feel like I can’t live without freedom anymore.” YES! Praying you keep walking boldly into freedom and find healing, and I hope that I can continue to come back and grow with you. :)
    Kim Fernando recently posted..When We’re Not Feeling Mighty EnoughMy Profile

    • Kim, I would love for you to come back and grow with me. I have been so blessed by women who have blazed a trail before me, those who are walking with me, and I long to offer hope to those who come after me. We are the body of Christ, and we are created to do this life together! Oh, I am praising God for the ways He has been speaking to you and freeing you! It is scary, but I am finding it true that His love casts out the fear when I let it:) That is, when I choose His way instead of mine on this journey. You are made for freedom, my friend. Let’s claim it!


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