Something Better

Something Better

*On Thursdays at Faith Barista, Bonnie Gray serves up a writing prompt and invites bloggers to join her in writing on a specific topic. Today’s prompt is simply: YES.*

*This post is also a continuation of my blogging through my God-sized dream. For previous posts in the dream series, please see the titles under “God-Sized Dreaming” please click here.*


So, I put the book down.

That one I was wrestling with? Attempting to extract freedom from? It’s shelved.

To stuffing myself into a preconceived mold, I’m saying no.

To forcing myself down a path that will result in unnecessary turbulence, I’m saying no.

To traditional methods, I’m saying no.

To battling, I’m saying no.

So I can say yes to better.

To leaning in close, listening for the path my Jesus has for me, I’m saying yes.

To releasing control to Him, I’m saying yes.

To accepting that He is answering my prayer to be gentle with me, I’m saying yes.

To resting in the idea that His healing for me is more like pieces of a puzzle than a straight line (thank you, Andrea), I’m saying yes.

To identifying the root of my wounds and allowing Him to minister to me there, I’m saying yes.

To learning how to receive His love, I’m saying yes.

To embracing the role of His beloved, I’m saying yes.

To abiding, I’m saying yes.

In the yeses, I’m finding my freedom.

 Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.

–Matthew 5:37

Is saying “yes” to something bringing you freedom? What you are saying “no” to? Let’s chat!

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  1. Amen! Love this and love you.

  2. Such wonderful things to say “yes” to! If Jesus were here in the flesh, it’d be great to have a big “yes” party and gather round him just to applaud him with our yes’s. :-) Must be music to his ears even now.

    • Thank you, Lisa! What a wonderful thought–a yes party with Jesus:) I so appreciate your encouragement. Blessings to you!

  3. I’m learning to lean into my yes even when it gets opposition to people that don’t understand it. To trust God when it makes no sense and it would be easy to just ignore His gentle nudges.
    How it must make God smile when He sees His children living fearlessly for Him and saying “Yes”
    Blessings to you Dream Sister!

    • Definitely, Alecia! It is challenging when the opposition is a loved one, but that smile of God, and resting in the person He created me to be…so worth it! Thanks for sharing your heart here, Dream Sister.

  4. Hi, I’m visiting from the Faith Jam and am so glad to have been able to read your recent posts and hear more about the journey you’re on. What an amazing God – I pray that each yes brings you more and more into healing and the freedom He’s designed for you. He has walked me through healing of many things, and I’m learning each year that His plans are not to stop when I say “good enough” but to keep leading me through to His best plans. I hope I can take courage from you and the others in our Faith Jam as we say “yes”. God bless!!
    Kim Fernando recently posted..When We’re Not Feeling Mighty EnoughMy Profile

    • Oh, how I understand this, Kim! How many times did I think, “OK, I’m good now. It’s done and dealt with.” He has ever more freedom to offer! I’m so glad you came over to visit. I am praising Him for the healing He has brought you and praying for His gentle love to continue to free you! You have more courage than you know. Let’s walk together in our yeses. Thank you for sharing your heart here!

  5. Yes, a resounding, YES!
    Susan recently posted..yes!My Profile

  6. Amen to your yes! His arms are open wide!
    HisFireFly recently posted..Saying yes to the lightMy Profile

  7. Yes and Amen! Sounds like your headed for freedom and dreams come true. Bless you.

    • Elise, thank you so much. God is so good, isn’t He? And the support from my dreamer friends like you is a priceless blessing. Thank you!

  8. I’m saying Yes to the Lord and NO to a lot of other “stuff” that needs to be ignored!

    Abiding Still!

  9. Sometimes I find it hard to say Yes to the brokenness in my life. Yeah, but I’m trying to say it. It sounds sometimes very softly.
    Jedidja recently posted..Heer, en hij dan?My Profile

  10. I’m with you, saying yes to abiding! and wow, is that harder than I ever imagined! so proud of you for allowing Him to put you back together again…one piece at a time {HUGS}
    Nikki recently posted..Friends in the Fire {Holey, Wholly, Holy}My Profile

    • Abiding…it’s one of those things that I need to be reminded to do often. I need to recommit to it daily, or more. So, hard? Yes! Worth it, yes!!! Thank you, Nikki.

  11. I’m saying yes to His voice and no to the doubts of whether or not I can do this dream of mine – I know God has a plan for me and my dream so I’m going to continue to say yet to Him and my dream: :)
    Jenny D recently posted..God-sized Dream: How My Trip to China is Helping My DreamMy Profile

  12. What a great group of “Yes” statements…joining you, Mandy…especially to abiding in Him :) Visiting from GSD FB page :)
    Dolly@Soulstops recently posted..Five Minute Fridays: AfraidMy Profile

  13. #eyesonHimpressingonclingingtothegiveroftruelifeandhope

    Love you sweet friend.
    Thankful to be on this journey with you.
    Thankful you’ve let us into your hurts and your hopes.
    Praying for real healing, in His time.
    Kara @ The Chuppies recently posted..10 Ways to Grow a Friendship (for Becky)My Profile


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