Receive, My Beloved

Receive, My Beloved

 ’This is my beloved…in whom I am well pleased.’

–Matthew 3:17

In the brisk January night air, my nine-year old, sparkly-high-top clad fashionista and I shuffled through the Michaels parking lot toward our silver Ford Focus.

I smiled wide when I spied my precious retreat team sister strolling toward us.

After hugs and pleasantries, she introduced me to the young woman accompanying her.

And proceeded to gush, using words about me like “mentor”, homeschooling mom of 4, I’ll never forgot when you did…

While I stood, speechless. Simply mute at her accolades.

My mind raced with protests, reasons why all her praises were invalid.

Though she seamlessly transitioned into other topics, it was not lost on me that I was unable to accept her sincere compliments.

I have my own guesses at why.

I have grown used to shutting things out. Freezing.

It used to be a response to trauma and stress, a coping mechanism of which this freedom journey has made me keenly aware.

But this blocking of hurt…

It also blocks the flip side.

Not feeling great pain means not feeling great joy.

Bonnie Gray from Faith Barista is asking, “How is God calling you to be the Beloved?”

Um, me? Beloved? Just considering the question triggers the guards going up…

But I asked Him anyway. Because He is slowly melting that frozen part of me that attempts to shut out those extreme emotions.

And I think He prompted me to ask.

How Lord, how are you calling me to be the Beloved? What could that possibly mean in my life?

Immediately, this idea came to me, gentle yet sure.


As in: believe me. Let me pour into you. Know my love and all that it means…does…transforms.

Could that really be true?

I kept the idea tucked away…like Mary, pondering it in my heart.

In my wanderings online shortly after, I came across this video. In a unique series of events that brings you to a place that is not accidental.

I found it on the blog Legacy: Seasons of Beauty from a post entitled Just in case you needed to be reminded of His love tonight.

This speaks so eloquently what I fumble to express.

May you need to hear it, too?

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  1. I can appreciate the difficulty in accepting sincere compliments. It’s hard for me, too. My husband and I were talking about it just a few days ago, in fact. I’m so glad that the Lord spoke to you in that still, small voice to help you receive His love.
    Melissa recently posted..He Loves Me AnywayMy Profile

    • Thank you, Melissa. And what a good thing for you and your husband to be discussing! How wonderful that he can walk with you in that. Blessings!

  2. I too understand how hard it is to think of myself as the beloved. That video was very special. I loved hearing the words spoken. I am always striving to become better and yet …God loves me just as I am. Thank you for the reminder.

    Blessings and love,
    Debbie recently posted..Faith Barista Jam ~ BelovedMy Profile

    • Thank you fir sharing your thoughts here, Debbie. You make a good point: striving to become better but knowing that God loves us just as we are. Praise Him that He does:) Because our progress is often slow and imperfect. Blessings!
      Mandy recently posted..Receive, My BelovedMy Profile

  3. This was awesome!! Totally relate Mandy. Needed this so much this morning! Video was amazing truth!

  4. Wow…Mandy, your reflection has touched me way down deep this morning. And the video brought tears to my eyes and gave me goosebumps and chills. Thank you for sharing the beautiful things that God is doing in your heart. Love you, friend.

  5. … but you should really get compliments, Mandy! For example this blog. You help this Dutch mother and give her something to read. Something to think about. Something recognizable. Thank you and … here’s a hug. A little bit cold hug because it snows here :-) God bless you and your blog!
    Jedidja recently posted..De droom die ik nooit vergeten ben.My Profile

  6. Beautiful!

  7. Ruth Chidley says:

    Dear Mandy, how thankful I am to God for directing me to your inspiring blog. It is so evident how you are allowing Him to work in and through you for our growth. Reading the words that God placed in your heart, coupled with hearing this beautiful video, reached deep inside me to an area I thought I had resolved…my worth in Jesus’ heart. I realize I still need healing of cutting words as to my worth that were spoken into me as a child and on into adulthood. No matter how often I have been assured of God’s love and feelings for me, I hear the words from my past canceling them out. I know it is the enemy that challenges my self-worth and desires to keep me trample down. He tries to used my disability and ill-health to validate his evilness. Knowing who it is that is out to destroy me is half my battle. The other half I battle for complete healing is my willingness to forgive those that hurt me. As I shared at the beginning, I thought I had resolved the feelings of unworthiness by my forgiveness but I find it rearing it’s ugly head again. So I say, thank you again, Mandy, for this timely blog. Thank you for your openness, to be an embassador for God’s truth and love for each of us, including me! : )

    • Sweet Ruth. Oh, how precious and beautiful you are! And very well do I know how those ugly lies repeatedly sneak back in, how difficult it is to receive His love, how difficult it is to forgive. Please keep coming back here so I can remind you how loved and delighted in you are, and how much you have blessed me! Ruth, I am holding you in prayer. These obstacles can be daunting and discouraging. May Christ’s light shine into your broken places and gently heal those wounds! Love you, my friend.
      Mandy recently posted..Receive, My BelovedMy Profile

  8. This is beautiful! I am so glad I took the time to listen to this! Thank you for sharing. It is one of those times when I am called to look at myself with the same kindness and gentleness with which I look on others. It was a bit of a revelation to look at God’s love always there and the reason I don’t always feel it, is that I am not fully open to Him. I knew that…especially for other people, but this just made me realize how He loves me always, 100%, no matter what, and I need to just turn to Him! Thank you!

    • We can be so hard on ourselves, can’t we? He is so gentle and merciful, and He wants us to treat ourselves, His beloved that way. Here’s to encouraging each other in receptivity of His love!
      Mandy recently posted..Receive, My BelovedMy Profile

  9. We seem to struggle in very similar ways, Mandy! I can totally identify with the inability to accept compliments, particularly the ones I don’t believe. Or maybe it’s not even what they are saying at all, but that I don’t believe the sincerity of others. That somehow they must be saying nice things because they have to? Irrational, I know. What you have shared, though…I think I never learned how to receive that kindness, those words. I’m still not sure how. How to hear and believe. Guess I have something new to work on!

    Christy @ A Heartening Life
    Christy recently posted..The Measure of SuccessMy Profile

  10. Delonna @ Chick Flick Diva says:

    POWERFUL STORY Mandy! I love how you remind us that we are his beloved. And the video WOW I was awestruck by his words as well. I am so glad you shared this with us. You touched my heart and reminded me just how much God loves me. Thank you for brightening my day.
    Delonna @ Chick Flick Diva recently posted..Love RichlyMy Profile

  11. This is so good, and the video had me in tears. So glad I stopped over from Bonnies. God bless.

  12. and yes, receive it what He whispered to me also

    love when He confirms His Words in this way :-)
    HisFireFly recently posted..New name – belovedMy Profile

  13. Thanks for stopping over at inking the heart. I love your message here and that video is very powerful. I’m grabbing your button so I can come back and visit:)

  14. Someone complimented me on my hair one day. I smiled, but then proceeded to put down my hair after thanking her. Under her breath, she muttered, “Why don’t people just simply accept a compliment?” I would have had reason to be offended, but I realized in her own way she was passive-aggressively making a good point.

  15. Oh, yes, how I know this! I frequently try to explain away why what someone compliments me on is no big deal, or not as “good” as they are perceiving. I am working on that:) Thank you for stopping by to read and share your thoughts.
    Mandy recently posted..Receive, My BelovedMy Profile

  16. “I’ve grown used to shutting things out. Freezing.” That’s where we may find ourselves — in the moment — but how encouraging it is to share our journey together. May you feel Beloved touching your heart, a little more, as you continue to let your voice flow. So beautiful. *you* ;) Thanks for sharing this in the faith jam, Mandy!
    FaithBarista | Bonnie Gray recently posted..When Clutter Isn’t Just About Your House, But Your HeartMy Profile

    • Bonnie:) Thank you for stopping by here to read and respond. I agree, it is such an encouragement to share this journey! “…a little more”, as you wrote, is how I can manage this journey. And He knows that, and is ever so gentle with me. Thank you, Bonnie, for you, for your heart, your words here. Peace and His love to you on your journey!


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