What’s the Big Deal about Community? {Review}

What’s the Big Deal about Community? {Review}


Under the bleary-eyed mornings

Exploding diapers

Chauffeur service to dance, soccer, scouts

Playground duties

Supper struggles

Diving grades

Snotty noses

Drowning…So many mamas of littles drowning, discouraged, begging for relief.

So long has my heart broken to see my friends in this survival mode. I have yearned to reach out, offer something, anything, that would make a difference.

And then I’d see my own:

Cheerios in the carpet

Futility in straightening what would explode again in 5 minutes time

Potty problems

School struggles

Money due

Tween hormones

Sleepless nights

My own drowning.

And I thought, “what do we do? Why doesn’t anyone talk about this?”

Then, Lisa-Jo Baker said this:

“These are my people.”
Yes, yes, yes!
It’s a place where women come, as they are, to share and find support for whatever they are facing. Here they see they are not alone in the messy lives they lead, in need of a Savior.
They find words of encouragement and wisdom from ordinary women and moms whom God blessed as writers.
They pour into each other to support in this everyday mess and joy of motherhood and faith.
This spring,  (in)courage did an amazing thing.
They created (in)RL: a chance for women to organize local meet ups and tune in to an online (in)courage conference.
I wanted to participate. Badly. Desperately. (They even had T-shirts.)
But, God had other plans. He had me paring down, so hosting a meet up in my home was a no-go.
When (in)courage released (in)RL on DVD, with a study guide, my heart skipped a beat.
I oohed, ah-ed, and hmmm-when-can-I-order-that-ed…
And then, oh happy day, DaySpring needed bloggers to review the DVDs and a perpetual calendar complete with quotes from the (in)courage writers.
Have I mentioned the love affair I have with snail mail…and DaySpring?
And that is the story of how the Lord brought (in)courage to my door. Literally.
Oh, the tales I could tell of the calendar quotes resonating on particular days.
Or the DVD sessions leaving me dehydrated from the crying: happy, sad, moved….
Perhaps I could host a meet up now….
Any takers?

* * *

DaySpring provided the calendar, DVDs, and study guide in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Visit DaySpring.

Watch the trailer for (in)RL.

Purchase calendar.

Purchase DVDs.

* * *



  1. Soooooo cool Mandy!!! I wish we lived a bit closer!! This look amazing!! So thrilled The Lord blessed you this way;) He sure knows how to show love doesn’t He?!!!!

  2. Good words, Mandy, may you be richly blessed as you minister in your sphere!! :) Hope we get to meet in just a couple of days!!! I love snail mail and cute stuff like Dayspring has (can’t get some of it in Canada – so excited to see them in person and collect a couple things! ) so we should have a thing or two to chat about! :)

  3. I would come over ;)
    I’m hoping to do the one in 2013…because you’re right. there is community to be found right here!

    so blessed by you…
    Nikki recently posted..Steady My HeartMy Profile

  4. so great to meet you at ALLUME! <3 Traci Michele


  1. [...] was not able to participate then, but I had the blessing of reviewing the DVDs of the presentations for DaySpring. I wish they came with a warning: view with tissues [...]

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