What’s on the Other Side?

What’s on the Other Side?

When she spoke, she couldn’t have known.

That the words freely offered?

They gave voice to the thoughts long-swirling in my mind. The wrestle in my soul.


The worst thing that could ever happen was for people to kill the Son of God.

And God took that, and He made it into the best thing that could ever happen:

our salvation.



We’ve been talking about community in this series within a series.

And how, sometimes, community hurts.


But, to stop there would miss the sweetest part.

It’s true. He transforms. Redeems. Loves.

Will you stay with me to see what’s on the flip side of the pain?

I’m grateful to write at Live Uncaged today. The amazing Mary DeMuth is kindly sharing her space with me.

Will you click over to join me there?

Thank you, friends!

Mary DeMuth

Photo from www.marydemuth.com

* * *

My Eucharisteo:

*Mom watching the kids so I could get a haircut, with a giftcard (counts as 3, don’t you think?)

*Nikki’s genius plan to combat Facebook

*A comment that warmed my heart

*Allume so close I can almost touch it

*A new painting

*The sweet and hilarious things Grace says

*A moment a grace and courage that allowed me to say the right thing

*Last minute meet up at the park with Katie

*The book and booster chair exchange

*Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer

*Surprise spending money

*Blessings I didn’t realize I had



  1. Soooooooooo goooooood! your guest post:))))) making myself a paper keepsake!

  2. Thanks so much for linking to my site! Nikki’s post was so informative! ~Nikki (the other Nikki)
    Nikki @ Christian Mommy Blogger recently posted..Increase Your Blog Traffic with a “Tweet This” LinkMy Profile

  3. Have I told you your haircut is A.Dorable?!? It is, friend. Wish I could tell you in person! must stop doing that to myself…. ;)

    Love and hugs to you — your post at Mary’s was FABULOUS! so good…
    Nikki recently posted..Stop. Look. Listen. ~ Five Minute FridayMy Profile

    • Aw, thank you! :) Someday in person, someday….Makes the idea of a 15 hour drive to MN (where we visit family) a lot easier! Maybe this summer;) Thanks SO much for reading at Mary’s. Xoxo

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