Week 3: Heart Notes

You’re reading Week 3 in the series Hearts Undaunted, an exploration on living a life free from overwhelming fear, anxiety, discouragement and worthlessness. You can read the previous posts in the series by clicking on the links below:
How is your heart?
Mine is broken for my sweet friend, the one who is laying her husband to rest this week. 
I don’t pretend that I can make sense of it or see God’s plan.
But I know He is good and loving, and so I am counting my blessings in the midst of this.
Heart Notes 
 for this week:
A Thousand Little Things, by Point of Grace
(Incidentally, they are sweet Amy’s favorite group)
Here’s a thousand little things
A thousand little things,
I’m hearing I love you
In a thousand little things!

The stillness of the morning,
No one else awake
Leaves of fire are falling
Whispering autumn is on the way

Steal some time and say a prayer for
All that lies in store
My life is overflowing
Ever dawn I’m thankful for

A Thousand little things
A thousand little things
Moments of your mercy
That every new day brings.
Sky goes form black to blue
And I’m silenced by the view
I’m hearing I love you,
I a thousand little things!
Oh, oh, oh

A dozen purple flowers
I brought home yesterday
The music and the laughter of children as they play
Friends who really love me
And walk with me through this life
The one I love says I choose you
Again to be my wife

A thousand little things
A thousand little things
Moments of your mercy
That every new day brings.
A quiet porch, a sunset view
A lazy rainy afternoon
A day with nothing much to do
I’m filled with gratitude
For a thousand little things (a thousand little things)
A thousand little things
I’m hearing I love you
And a thousand little things!
There’s a thousand little things
There’s a thousand little things
Saying it loves me!

My eucharisteo in the midst of of turmoil:
This: (please take a few minutes to watch. So powerful!)
Amy’s heart for Jesus and Patty

And for:
Her four precious babies: Eileen, Mary, Andie, and Steve
How she tells everyone “I love you.”
How she tells everyone about Jesus
That I have the honor of calling her friend
Her witness of faith
That God provided a path out of debt for them
That they got to go to Disney together this summer
The tremendous outpouring of love and support for them
Their family, friends and community surrounding them
Tag team planning with Wendi
Rosary at the chapel with friends
Ang at the funeral home for Amy and me (love you!)
What are you thankful for today? How is your heart? I’d love to hear!


  1. What a wonderful blog. Amy is so very strong in her love of Our Lord. My heart goes out to you also. All of the CRHP sisters are praying. Nan

    • Thank you, Nan. It’s good to see you here! Please stop by any time:) Amy is amazing. She is an inspiration to me. Thanks so much for your prayers. They need them.

  2. How awesome to be able to find something to be grateful for in such a time of great sadness! And the biggest role model of all: the widow! I am in awe at her faith! Prayers for you my friend!! That you may continue to be the rock that she needs you to be…and may you be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to continue on!

    • Isn’t she an inspiration? She and Patty are working together to bring people to Jesus even now, especially now. Hearts are being moved by her testimony. I am praising God for it and for her. Thank you for your prayers, Jennifer. I will take them! Love you!

  3. My heart breaks for her and her family. Tears watching her video. What an amazing inspiration she is through such a tragedy. Her strength is unbelievable. Through God, through God. Praying for all of the loved ones missing Patrick. Praying God’s comfort is overwhelming for you all.

    • Thank you so much for your prayers, Jennifer. They are sustaining Amy and those around her, so very much appreciated! Yes, I am inspired by her faith and witness. I’m a better person because of her.

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