Mother Letters {Review}

An average morning in my home might go something like this:
Change the soaked-through toddler. Scurry to find remotely weather-appropriate clothing for him.
Sigh as I remember that the clean laundry is still in the basement.
Extricate my cell phone from the newly-spilled (or not so newly-spilled) paint-water. Remove cell battery. Locate rice. Submerge all phone parts in it. Mop up paint-water that is puddling under the glass and on the floor.
Referee the children’s television debate. Make the coffee. Desoil the toddler from his now-poopy diaper.
Throw some fruit, cereal, or a granola bar in the general direction of the girls.
Ignore the toy-carpet in my living room.
Concoct the toddler’s half vanilla almond milk, half water hydration solution (though he clearly has no issue making good use of his diapers).
Snag a cup of coffee. Top it off with too much creamer. Praise God that there is creamer in the fridge.
Sit and wait for the inevitable, “Mom!” That would be in about two seconds.
I will not lie to you and say that it’s a glorious mess and I love it.
The truth is: I’m tired. I need lots of grace to stay focused and not discouraged (And maybe get a lot more organized.)
This quote from Ann Voskamp might be the perspective that changes everything:
“If I clean out the fridge as an act of service to my family, it’s true, an unconscious part of me thinks the least they can do is try to keep it clean…or be appreciative. It’s not even an intentional thought on my part. But when I turn the work on its head, and work for God alone, serving Him as I scrub the gunk from the mudroom sink, tidy the pile of boots at the back door, the work returns to its purest state. God-worship. Love. A song of Praise.”
Did you catch that, moms? Our work, rightly executed, is worship. Praise. Sacred. I may grow weary of the human demands and lack of appreciation, but when I view it as worship? That’s something entirely different. The boost I need.  The eyes I need to see.
This lovely bit of wisdom comes from an equally lovely e-book, Mother Letters {sharing the mess and glory}. It is a collection of letters from different authors written to you, me, and all moms, to encourage all in this wild adventure we call motherhood. Seth and Amber Haines of curated the book.
Here is another amazing snippet by Leah England:
“I find so much joy in singing to him as my mother did me.  I can tell that my voice nourishes him in a way that a bottle never could…I pray that my son will grow to always seek out the Lord’s voice the same way he seeks out mine now…I hope Thomas will choose to be still and turn toward God’s quiet, but penetrating voice–the overtones of unconditional love and sacrifice from which all finds its salvation.”
Such pure and tender love! Leah’s sentiments reflect what we all know as moms: joy, aspirations for our children, and an awareness of the significance of our role in their lives.
The story behind Mother Letters is equally touching. When Seth and Amber Haines agree not to spend money on Christmas gifts for each other one year, they determine to brainstorm creative ways to gift each other. Knowing Amber’s love for words, and her mama’s heart for their three (and eventually four) boys, Seth petitions Amber’s favorite writers to pen letters with encouragement and wisdom for motherhood. He compiles them to present as his Christmas gift to Amber.
Pretty romantic, no?
It gets better. What starts as a gift between husband and wife becomes a gift to you and me. A friend features the gift on her blog. Soon mother letters begin pouring in from around the country. The result? Mother Letters, the e-book.
In addition to featuring heartfelt letters from moms, the book contains note-worthy quotes from the letters, transformed into pages of artwork. There are great photos, too.
My only wish is that this gem came in a printed version. How wonderful it would be to hold in my hand. To pull it out when I need a boost. To flip to a favorite letter.
Until then, I can indulge in the loveliness of Mother Lettersin PDF form.

Enough demand could, in fact, drive it to print.

Explore the Mother Letters website here.
Find Mother Letters on Facebook.
Find Mother Letters on Twitter.
Find Amber at
Find Seth at Letters was “creatively masterminded and published” by the amazing women at

*I was given a copy of Mother Letters {sharing in the mess and glory} at no cost in exchange for my honest review.*
* * *
A word about the Hainses: Amber and Seth’s youngest, Titus, has been hospitalized for failure to thrive. I’m sure you can imagine their struggles. Will you join me in praying for them?
Heavenly Father, I praise You for the beauty you have created in your servants Seth, Amber, and Titus. I stand at the door knocking, asking, seeking Your divine intervention for little Titus. Great Physician that You are, embrace his small, precious body and fill it with Your life and nourishment. Uphold and embrace Seth and Amber as well. Remind them of Your care, goodness, and faithfulness. Exchange their heavy burden for Your light yoke. Surround their boys with Your loving care. Guide the hands and minds of the medical staff, and work all together for Your good plan and purpose. I ask these things in the name of Jesus. Amen. 

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  1. awesome post. Such great reminders, and that book sounds really neat. I’ll have to check it out. :)

  2. Hi! I found you through Denise’s link up and so glad I did.

    I see you’re going to the Allume conference, too. How exciting! Hopefully, out paths will cross while there. Have you been before?

    Also, subscribed to your blog via email and followed you on Pinterest. Excited to read more of what HE gives you to share.


    • Stefanie, I’m so glad you found me, too! Thank you for spending some time here and for subscribing. Yes, I am going to the Allume conference, and it is my FIRST time going! I am so, so excited. I hope to meet you there!

  3. I should paint that quote on my walls! That’s spmething I have a hard time remembering for more than 5 minutes at a time. Thanks for this.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog, Sweet Blessings! Nice to “meet” you!

    Great post! The book sounds really good!

  5. Yes if only we could always remember we are doing all things to glorify God! Diapers and all!!! Thanks for the information on book it sounds lovely I am going to check it out!!

    • It’s a wonderful book, Jenn. You will like it! When I remember that I am serving God, it does change my attitude…I just have to remember to remember!

  6. lovely post…I think you have been peeking in my windows. Your morning routine mimics mine! Thank you for sharing!!

  7. Love it Mandy! I think it would be awesome to have in print. I would have to find a good spot for it, so that cereal milk or paint water would not get spilled on it. ;) Praying for them! God Bless you lots!

  8. A very lovely post…to encourage all you moms here—or there :0)—with young children, the appreciation takes a while. My kids are 14,15,18, and 20 and it is only recently that I have started to hear “Thanks” from the older ones. The younger ones are getting there. The 0-16 years are so tough! Hang in there, serve with joy (I WISH I could say I did more!), extend grace, and one day, you will be surprised to see that tall young man, that sweet young woman, saying THANKS for what you all sacrificed and did for them :0). My heart melts when I hear my 18 year old say “You and Dad are okay…you did a good job: :0)! Enjoy the weekend…

    • Thanks so much, Donna. It’s great to hear your perspective. I know how much more I appreciate my mom now that I am a mom myself–so I guess I need patience for mine to be grateful, hehe.

  9. That is a beautiful reminder. I think I need it up in the house somewhere, so I don’t so easily forget!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Mary Beth

  10. Posting it is a great idea! My emotions take over, and I lose focus so easily. Thanks for stopping by, Mary Beth!

  11. I’m so glad you linked up at Leaving A Legacy this week. It was so nice to meet you and visit your blog. I loved your post. It’s so important to have the right frame of mind when we go about our days. The books sounds wonderful. I’ll have to get that sometime soon. Hope to see you at the link up again next Thurday! Have an amazing week!

  12. Haaha Mandy, your house sounds like mine!! That’s what I love about blogs…it makes the insanity of toddlers feel a little more “normal” when you read other’s stories.

    And speaking of others stories…what a cool story about Mother Letters. I need to check that out.

    Thank you for linking up last week!

    • Thanks, Lisa. I do, indeed, feel better to know I am in good company with other mamas. I was really touched by this Mother Letters story. Thanks so much for stopping by here and sharing your thoughts.

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