Blessings {Product Review}

“It is good to praise the LORD and make music to your name, O Most High, to proclaim your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night…”
–Psalm 92:1-2 
“It’s the book with the bird’s nest on the front.  I can’t remember the name of the book, but there are two or three little blue eggs in the nest.  Have you seen it?”

Oh, yes.  It’s a bit fuzzy, but I vaguely remember skimming past the book in a catalog…

“I’m so excited!  It looks great!

An understatement.  Shamefully, I admit that I failed to act immediately on my mother’s suggestion for a good read.  I know she’s charitably ignored the laundry piled high in multiple rooms in my home, listened patiently to the long list of home school woes, witnessed Bible Study questions left undone (and dishes, dusting, vacuuming…)  I am supposed to read this book when?
Thankfully, she also knew the holes in my soul, the ones bigger than the laundry, schooling and cleaning.  Saw through my “busy-ness” to my need.  Saw that Ann Voskamp’s yes to being an instrument of God’s grace could shift the focus of my life.
For the record, the title of the book is One Thousand Gifts.  Ever felt like there has to be more to the life you’re living?  Ann Voskamp’s journey and revelations in this book give you a way to change that on day one!

Even better?  It doesn’t stop with the book.  Oh, the thrill of soaking in a fabulous read…but how much better to get into the heart of the author in a way that integrates her message into your own life!  Not simply a distant name on the New York Times bestseller list, Ann Voskamp invites us into her humble walk with the Lord through an exclusive One Thousand Gifts Journal, made available only through an inspired company, Blessings Unlimited.
Miss Regina Barnes has graciously provided me with a copy and blessed me with the opportunity to share my thoughts about it with you.  Ann Voskamp’s spirit of glorying in the intricate details of life translates beautifully in this journal.  From the delicate patterns on soft-hued paper to the signature script, this journal is so uniquely the Ann we meet in her book.  She provides images from her own collection of photos, Scripture passages from her book, and writing prompts to aid the the examination of your own walk.  She has, in essence, given us the outline of her book.  As Ann guides us through the journal, we see echoed the progression in her journey as she lived from despair to gratitude, to joy, to embracing the love of God.
The fire from an inspirational book, even some personal habit changes, often endure only a short time.  Praise God that this wonderful journal encourages a continuation of the journey!  It gently reminds that the principles Ann discovered are rooted in Scripture and are, in fact, the heart of a Christian life.  Her questions in this journal invite a deep reflection on how we react and respond to her discoveries–for thanks is not always easy.
* * *
Blessings Unlimited is a ministry as well as a company.  It offers unique, inspirational products that are designed especially to provide encouragement in the Christian walk with God and lift our hearts to the Lord.  I have been richly blessed and encouraged in the few months that I have been in contact with Regina and Blessings.  As a home-gathering or online-gathering based business, Blessings Unlimited offers the opportunity to earn free, half-priced, and special promotions products through hosting.  Regina can set up a gathering for you through Facebook, as she did for me, or put you in contact with a consultant in your area.

One Thousand Gifts and the One Thousand Gifts Journal can be purchased here.

You can find Regina Barnes here:
Facebook: Share Blessings

Thank you, Regina, for this opportunity, and for all the ways in which you have blessed me.



  1. Always grateful for you, my daughter, and your inspiring work. Impresssive review!

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